Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Hard Rain

I just listened to a local piece on NPR about why people consider Seattle home and why, according to a recent survey, many people who don't currently live here would chose to live here if they could. This, along with a few email correspondences recently and my "two year anniversary" at my job, has lead me to recognize just how much I've gained and grown since moving here, and it really hit me that it will be hard to to leave Seattle if or when I do. I think for the most part I've thought of Seattle as a pit stop, a place that I'll spend some great times in, and perhaps even come back to after trying some other places. But "pit stop" really belittles the experiences that I've had since moving here, as the gravity of me living here has cautioned in thinking that this is just one place of the many that I 
I think that from here on out, I will be doubly asking myself "Is this a good idea" or "Will this be a mistake" when I envision my next big move. I don't want to let that stop me from making an important and necessary step in my life when that comes, but I also need to recognize that making that decision won't be so fleeting as I would have thought not tool long ago.

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