Wednesday, June 20, 2007

B.O.? Oh, B.O.

When I was a kid, I remember instances when I would be around one of my uncle and I would detect a unique smell, one that I never smelt anywhere else. The odor made me think of vegetables; chives and onions in particular. The smell didn't quite smell bad, but it wasn't the best in the world either. But I guess because I never really could quite detect the smell from anywhere else, it was kinda intriguing. Mysterious even.

It wasn't until I reached adolescence that I discovered what that scent was. After an active bout of soccer one evening without having put on any deodorant prior, I smelt those vegetables again. It was my body odor! I never really knew that this is what body odor smelt like. The concept of B.O. and its actual smell (and the odor accompanying my uncle) were never connected before in my mind. Ah, but now, whenever smelling body odor, I can't help but think of that realization, and of the most disgusting salad that anyone would ever want to eat.

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